Rude Novelties

Oeerrr Missus. Now this is a family page so I’m not going to dwell on this subject in too much detail ! You’ve got to have been there at the time. Who remembers those delightful little novelties that friends and relatives brought back from holidays which you dare not exhibit. The working model of Mannekin Pis ? The Merry Monk (press his head down and see why he was merry !) ? The donkey which used to excrete cigarettes when its’ tail was lifted ?

My relatives from Germany would often bring back the most sauciest examples including whiskey glasses that looked perfectly normal until they were filled with liquid where a naked figure would appear. They also brought over some very useful notepaper with an entwined naked couple in the act bearing the emblem Things To Do Today at the top of each page !

Then there were those items of questionable taste masquerading as, well, items not of questionable taste. Who knows someone with that famous painting of a naked couple and a swan by the beach ? Shall we tell them, or go down the cowardly road and tell them we’d love something like that on our wall (but that’s not a hint !!) ?????