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darkneonTop site devoted to British pop in the 80s. Pop journalist Huw Collingbourne interviewed everyone from David Van Day (who likes to impersonate Ken Dodd in his spare time), to Toyah (who likes to dress as a bunny) plus many other icons of the New Romantic era and he survived the ordeal !

The Sweeney Message Board – Put yer trousers on and visit the premier message board for discussing the iconic 70s cop show!

The Railway Arms – Life On Mars and Ashes To Ashes are two of the best series to treat the recreation of the 70s and 80s with accuracy. Join fans of the series in this lively discussion forum

j7Johnny7 Promotions– Join Johnny 7, Chad Valli and the rest of the guys at Johnny 7 Promotions. Not only do they offer the best 70s disco, but they are promoters of some of the UK’s most respected tribute acts. Best of all, the site is worth a visit for the gratuatous explicit photos of people in 70s fashion who are damn proud of it too. You have to visit NOW !!!!

pieterPieter’s Oldies Drive-In – Probably one of the best sites covering the history of pop from the 50s to the 70s. Lots of info, photos, archives and much more. Drive in today !

Rubettes Page – Suzanne’s excellent site is currently offline, but I’m pleased to recommend a great alternative maintained by another Rubette guru Michele..

Showaddywaddy Site– Speaking of good 70s bands that are still around, how about the makers of Under The Moon Of Love, Hey Rock n Roll and many others. Showaddywaddywebmaster Paul Fixter showers the Showaddywaddy fan with facts, figures, discographies and images – infact everything you could possibly want in connection with the guys in the drainpipe trousers

Sparks FanaticsMartin Truksa‘s one-stop website for the true Sparks Fanatic with informed reviews and trivia associated with this band who continue to command respect with everything they release

Nostalgia Central :- If you like the Naff Caff, you’ll love this site devoted to all things 70s. If you think you have a good memory of 70s TV/films/music and fads, pop along to this site and I’ll bet webmaster David Turner will surprise you with details of those you forgot about ! And if that wasn’t enough, he does the same for the 60s and 80s. A must see site !

LP2CD – Experts in restoration of recordings. If you want to convert your vinyl to CD, visit this site !The 70s Project. An excellent site featuring Music, News, Movies, TV Shows and more from the 70s.

8 Track Heaven: – If you’re a young school student researching a 70s project, just one mention of the 8 track cartridge player will get you top marks – trust me ! Ask anyone who was there and they’ll relate tales of romantic liaisons in cars with background music played on the in-car 8 track (which would no doubt change from Lay Lady Lay to Nellie The Elephant at a critical point – but less said about that…). Curious ? Visit this slice of true 70s nostalgia now !

Remember The 70sBruce Baron‘s site devoted to 70s music from an American angle is a must see. Our friends in the USA who remember the Rollin’ On The River TV series will love this tribute and the memories of the show and its classic performances.

Warren’s Home PageFrancoise Hardy, Leonard Cohen, Runrig – lots of interesting goodies here. However, Warren is into hill walking and mountaineering and it’s worth a visit to his site just to see his excellent photos of the Lake District even if you are like me and get vertigo climbing on the bathroom scales..

Kieran Murray’s Web Page– Great documentation of the golden era of Irish Radio (and a page of excellent jokes too !!!)

One for our American friends, The Brady Hour is the best guide to one of the most popular programmes


Sea Safety – Message board veteran Graham’s sense of humour is legendary, but he has a very serious day job. But there’s a great deal of humour on the Port Talbot Coastguard website as it manages to convey tips on keeping safe at sea in an interesting and light hearted way. Lots of fun…

Bradford Timeline Music In Bradford – Music & Concerts of the late Fifties and Sixties for the late Fifties and Sixties plus TV, radio, films, charts and magazines. Also featuring local and World events documented in a clear and concise format. If you want to know when the Wool Exchange was built or when Marathon became Snickers, visit Bradford Timeline.

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