The Best Music While You Surf !

Radio delivered via the Internet is definately the way things are going. The best established radio stations have an internet presence and the music enthuisiasts are setting up their own radio projects. Here are some recomendations:-

The Audio Version Of The Naff Caff -

THE 70s & 80s ZONE!

The natural addition to the Naff Caff was a radio station dedicated to 70s and 80s music called 70-80z - The 70s and 80s Zone back in 2001. The radio station is still going strong via Live 365. Tune in here:-




Hits Of The 80s, 90s and Today

cheeseNew Zealand's hit music station The Cheese. The home of The 80s Lunchbox presented by The Glam Guru's alter ego ! Don't let that put you off, tune in today !


80s and More Live From Canada

retro hitsGreat music, great shows 24/7 from the slick sounding RetroHits.80s, 90s and today's best music !



Interested In Radio ?

Have a look at my page covering the History Of British and Irish Pirate Radio.

Looking for Jingles For Your Radio Station ?

vox junctionUse the British voice with International Appeal. You can get professional sounding ID's for your internet station from The Vox Junction. It's cheaper than you might think !


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