8 Track Cartridge Players

These continuous loops of tape enclosed in plastic which were seen in any Ford Cortina that was a… er…Ford Cortina did not die when car cassette players became popular, ooo no !

Who cares that you could only fast forward the 8 track cartridge at double speed if you had a really posh player, or the fact that it would often change channels and play a different song if your car went over a bump in the road – they looked good. Seeing a nice selection of cart goodies in the motorway service cafe is something I miss and I remember looking enviously at the mains version of the player/recorder in the teak cabinet at the home of a neighbour. Of course, real cool dudes had the space age chic style player.

Anyway, you may not be able to find anything more than the odd James Last or Bert Kempfaert 8 track in the second hand shops of Britain, but elsewhere cartridge addicts keep the 8 track state of mind alive. If you feel like a trip down 70s 8 Track memory lane, stop off at 8 Track Heaven today !