Soda Syphons

The past few years have seen an increase of interest in 60s/70s instrumental music – I believe it’s called Elevator Music in the States. It has been another string to the record companies bow as they revive old tracks and release them under the hip term Loungecore.

So what has this got to do with the soda syphon ? Well, the Loungecore CD covers usually feature a Jason King lookalike serving a cocktail to some young model type in a bathchelor pad complete with lava lamp and brightly coloured soda syphon.

The idea was to fit a tiny Co2 capsule in the top and fizzy water would squirt out at high pressure into your spirit glass.

Am I the only one who has never seen one in everyday use ? Granted, the soda syphon’s contribution to 60s and 70s comedy is unquestionable as Goldie Hawn clones would always end up being on the receiving end of a squirt down the front of their blouses (how politically correct we all were in those days, eh ?). The children’s version would see Flegal, Bingo or whatever his name was (you know, the dog with the fireman’s hat) from Banana Splits chasing everyone around the room, soda syphon primed, like some mad serial practical joker.

Could it be that they were created exclusively for situation comedies or Brian Rix stage farces, or has the fact that I and most of the people I associate with wouldn’t dream of diluting good whiskey (or bad whiskey come to that) with water, sparkling or otherwise ?

Tip:- If you ever hear rumours of a soda syphon revival, let me know and I’ll go round all the Sunday morning car boot sales and buy them up – there’s one on every stall !