70s Timeline

Noteable Events From The 70s

Note: If you are using Timeline for serious research, please double check with other sources as accuracy cannot be guaranteed

4-Jan-70 Violence flares in Northern Ireland
8-Jan-70 4000 estimated to have died due to asian flu outbreak in the UK
22-Jan-70 First PAN-AM 747 flight from New York to London Heathrow
10-Feb-70 39 killed in avalance in French Alps
21-Feb-70 47 killed in plane crash in Switzerland
1-Mar-70 Rhodesia breaks last links with Britain
2-Mar-70 Dr Timothy Leary who coined the phrase “Turn on, tune in and drop out” sentenced to 10 years in jail for smoking cannabis
4-Mar-70 57 lives lost as French submarine sinks in Mediterranian
28-Mar-70 Earthquake in Turkey claims 600 lives
4-Apr-70 Gay Trip wins Grand National
10-Apr-70 Paul McCartney leaves the Beatles
11-Apr-70 Apollo 13 launched for 3rd moon trip. Mission abandoned after two days after oxygen supply problem
4-May-70 4 students shot dead by National Guard during anti-war protest at Kent State University, Ohio, US
12-May-70 6 shot dead at Rally in Georgia, US
1-Jun-70 Earthquake in Peru kills over 30,000
9-Jun-70 Yassa Arafat becomes PLO leader
14-Jun-70 West Germany beat England 3-2 and knock them out of World Cup
19-Jun-70 Edward Heath new UK Prime Minister after Conservative election win
29-Jun-70 US Troops pull out of Camobodia
3-Jul-70 112 die in plane crash in Spain
4-Apr-70 John Newcombe and Margaret Court Wimbledon tennis champions
16-Jul-70 Thousands of dockworkers strike in London
30-Jul-70 Thalidomide victims receive compensation in UK
9-Aug-70 Plane crash in Peru claims 99 lives
19-Aug-70 UK soap opera, Coronation Street celebrates 1000 episodes
18-Sep-70 Jimi Hendrix found dead
4-Oct-70 Janis Joplin dies
8-Oct-70 Aleksandr Solzhenitzyn wins Nobel Prize for Literature
10-Oct-70 Fiji gains independence
1-Nov-70 142 killed in fire at French night club
10-Nov-70 Henry Cooper wins European Heavyweight Boxing Championship
12-Nov-70 French leader Charles DeGaulle dies
19-Nov-70 150,000 lives lost in cyclone and tidal wave in Pakistan
1-Dec-70 Divorce becomes legal in Italy
18-Dec-70 Thousands evacuated in Nevada US after atomic leak
11-Jan-71 First divorce in UK on sole grounds of “Irretrievable Breakdown” granted
12-Jan-71 North Sea oil discoveries in UK
25-Jan-71 Charles Manson and three of his followers found guilty of the Helter Skelter murders
25-Jan-71 Idi Amin gains power in Uganda
31-Jan-71 Apollo 14 launched
3-Feb-71 24 killed in explosion at arms factory in Georgia, US
7-Feb-71 Women gain right to vote in Switzerland
10-Feb-71 Earthquaake in Los Angeles, US kills 51
15-Feb-71 Britain changes to decimal currency
1-Mar-71 Millions of workers strike in protest at new UK anti-union bill
8-Mar-71 Frazier beats Ali in World Heavyweight Boxing Championship
8-Mar-71 Silent film star Harold Lloyd dies
19-Mar-71 250 killed in Peru avalanch
16-May-71 32 miners killed in explosion in West Pakistan
22-May-71 600 die in Turkey earthquake
23-May-71 Jackie Stewart wins Monaco Grand Prix
8-Jun-71 British Railways look at plans for new Advanced Passenger Train
30-Jun-71 3 Russain Cosmonauts found dead when spacecraft returns
2-Jul-71 Evonne Goolagong wins Wimbledon Tennis Championship
3-Jul-71 Doors leader Jim Morrison dies
6-Jul-71 Jazz veteran Louis Armstrong dies
9-Jul-71 Earthquake kills 90 in Chile
30-Jul-71 162 die in plane crash in Japan, the worst on record at this time
25-Aug-71 Three days of violence in Belfast leave 23 dead
4-Sep-71 109 die in Alaskan plane crash
11-Sep-71 Fomrer Soviet leader Nikita Khrushchev dies
13-Sep-71 Jazz ace Duke Ellington tours Soviet Union
28-Oct-71 British Parliament vote to join EEC
2-Nov-71 6000 die in India tidal wave and hurricane
13-Nov-71 US spacecraft Marriner 9 orbits Mars
15-Nov-71 China joins United Nations
26-Nov-71 Education authority stops use of cane as punishment in London Schools
4-Dec-71 Explosion in Belfast pub kills 13
17-Dec-71 Pakistan/India war ends
25-Dec-71 156 die in hotel fire in Seoul
9-Jan-72 Fire destroys Queen Elizabeth liner (QE1)
22-Jan-72 Britain,Ireland, Denmark and Norway to join EEC
30-Jan-72 13 killed and many wounded in Northern Ireland during a civil rights march – the day would later be referred to as Bloody Sunday.
2-Feb-72 Winter Olympics start in Tokyo
4-Feb-72 Britain recognises independence of Bangladesh
9-Feb-72 Industrial unrest in Britain leads to state of emergency being declared. Edward Heath imposes three day working week and country suffers power cuts as power stations are closed to conserve energy.
22-Feb-72 7 killed in car bomb attack at Aldershot barracks
2-Mar-72 Pioneer 10 spacecraft launched to explore Jupiter
24-Mar-72 Edward Heath imposed direct rule on Northern Ireland
11-Apr-72 Paul McCartney fined for importing cannabis into Sweden
17-Apr-72 Film “The Godfather” makes 26 million dollars within first few days of premier
20-Apr-72 Apollo 16 lands on the moon
22-May-72 President Richard Nixon become first US President to visit Russia
22-May-72 Ceylon becomes Sri Lanka after independence
25-May-72 Joe Frazier retains Heavyweight boxing title after beating Ron Stander
28-May-72 Duke of Windsor who reigned briefly as King Edward VIIII, abdicating to marry Wallace Simpson, dies
6-Jun-72 422 killed in underground mine explosion in Rhodesia
18-Jun-72 118 die in UK plane crash
9-Jul-72 Stan Smith and Billie Jean King become Wimbledon tennis champions
12-Aug-72 US launch heavy air raids on North Vietnam
14-Aug-72 156 die in Berlin plane crash
15-Aug-72 Ethiopia pulls out of Munich Olympics in protest at Rhodesia
26-Aug-72 Munich Olympics open
31-Aug-72 Mark Spitz wins five gold medals in Olympics
5-Sep-72 Terrorists kill 11 from Isreal olympic team
12-Sep-72 Icelandic gunboats sink two British Trawlers in fishing dispute know as the “Cod War”
21-Sep-72 Asians expelled from Uganda arrive in Britain
6-Oct-72 147 die in Mexican train crash
10-Oct-72 John Betjeman becomes Poet Laureate
14-Oct-72 170 killed in Russain plane crash
23-Oct-72 Access Credit cards launched in Britain
25-Oct-72 Cod War prompts Iceland to boycott British goods
3-Nov-72 East Germany releases 30,000 politcal prisoners
6-Nov-72 Wage freeze imposed in Britain in attempt to combat inflation
8-Nov-72 Nixon wins US election
16-Nov-72 Soviet Union agrees to sale of Pepsi Cola from next year
3-Dec-72 155 die in Canary Islands plane crash
11-Dec-72 Apollo 17 lands on moon
25-Dec-72 10,000 lives lost in Nicaraguan earthquake
26-Dec-72 Former US President Harry Truman dies
22-Jan-73 Former US President Lyndon B Johnson dies
27-Jan-73 US agrees to end to fighting in Vietnam
14-Feb-73 First US Prisoners of War fly home from Vietnam
16-Mar-73 Queen opens new London Bridge
26-Mar-73 Death of UK playwright & humourist Noel Coward
8-Apr-73 Artist Picasso dies
29-May-73 Thomas Bradley becomes first black Mayor of Los Angeles
16-Jun-73 Soviet President Breshnev visits USA
7-Jul-73 Jan Kodes and Billie Jean King become this years’ Wimbledon tennis champions
10-Jul-73 Bahamas gain independence
11-Jul-73 122 die in Paris air crash
14-Aug-73 US ends bombing in Cambodia
28-Aug-73 Over 500 die in Mexican earthquake
8-Oct-73 UK Prime Minister Edward Heath imposes 7% pay increase limit
11-Nov-73 Egypt & Israel sign cease fire agreement
5-Dec-73 UK Government impose 50 miles per hour speed limit to reduce fuel consumption
17-Dec-73 Three day working week comes into force in Britain again, as industrial unrest deepens
6-Jan-74 First UK football matches played on Sunday due to power crisis
25-Jan-74 Dr Christiaan Barnard performs first heart transplant
7-Feb-74 Grenada gains independence
15-Feb-74 Russia expels author Aleksandr Solzhenityn
3-Mar-74 345 killed in Paris air crash
4-Mar-74 Labour Party gain power in Britain.  Harold Wilson is new Prime Minister
8-Mar-74 Britain returns to full working week
30-Mar-74 Red Rum wins Grand National
1-Apr-74 National Health Service offers free family planning advice in Britain
10-Apr-74 Israel Premier Golda Meir resigns
4-May-74 Liverpool beat Newcastle 3-0 in FA Cup Final
11-May-74 20,000 lose lives in Chinese earthquake
24-May-74 Jazz musician Duke Ellington dies
3-Jun-74 Yitzhak Rabin becomes new Isreal Premier
6-Jul-74 Jimmy Connors and Chris Evert become Wimbledon tennis champions
20-Jul-74 Turkey invades Cyprus
8-Aug-74 President Richard Nixon resigns over Watergate
9-Aug-74 Gerald Ford becomes new US President
14-Sep-74 Pandas Chia-Chia and Ching-Ching arrive at London Zoo
20-Sep-74 10,000 killed by Cyclone in Honduras
29-Oct-74 Muhammad Ali beats George Foreman and regains Heavyweight Boxing title
19-Nov-74 President Ford visits Japan
21-Dec-74 Top London store Harrods is bombed.  No fatalities
29-Dec-74 Earthquake in Pakistan kills 4,700
11-Jan-75 Soyuz 17, Russain spacecraft is launched which later links up with space lab.
11-Feb-75 Margaret Thatcher wins leadership battle over Edward Heath, making her first woman leader of Conservative Party
21-Feb-75 Three former aides to Richard Nixon are given prison sentences for their part in the Watergate scandal
23-Mar-75 Blockade of 200 miles of UK coastline in fishermen’s protest at cheap imports
25-Mar-75 King Faisal of Saudi Arabia assasinated
30-Apr-75 Saigon surrenders to Communists. Crowds surround US Embassy in hope of being airlifted out by US forces
7-May-75 President Ford announces end to Vietnam war
26-May-75 Stuntman Evil Knievel suffers serious injuries when attempt to jump 13 busses in a car fails
4-Jun-75 Drought in Ethiopia causes widespread famine
5-Jun-75 Suez Canal re-opens
6-Jun-75 UK referendum results in majority of Britons being in favour of staying in the Common Market
19-Jun-75 Ascot races disturbed by march of 100 striking stable boys
24-Jun-75 109 die in New York plane crash at JFK airport
26-Jun-75 Indian Premier Indira Gandhi convicted of election fraud
5-Jul-75 Arthur Ashe and Billie Jean King become the years’ Wimbledon tennis champions
19-Jul-75 US Apollo and Soviet Union Soyuz spacecraft link up in space
1-Aug-75 Helsinki human rights agreement signed by 35 nations
19-Aug-75 Cricket test match in UK abandoned after pitch is dug up by protesters angry at jailing of George Davies
27-Aug-75 Haile Selassie, former Ethiopian Emperor dies
6-Sep-75 1000 killed in Turkish earthquake
22-Sep-75 The second foiled attempt at assasination of President Ford in a month occurs
30-Sep-75 Muhammad Ali beats Joe Frazier and holds onto his Heavyweight Boxing title
7-Oct-75 John Lennon wins court battle to stay in the USA
10-Oct-75 Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor re-marry
22-Oct-75 Venera 9, Russain spacecraft, lands on Venus
20-Nov-75 Spanish leader Franco dies, sucessor is Juan Carlos
27-Nov-75 Ross McWhirter is shot dead on doorstep of his home by IRA gunman
30-Nov-75 UK motor racing champion Graham Hill dies after his plane crashes
12-Dec-75 Six day siege by IRA on a flat in London’s Balcolme Street ends without casualties
27-Dec-75 Mine blast in India kills 372 miners
29-Dec-75 Equal Pay and Sex Discrimination Act become law in the UK
2-Jan-76 22 die as Hurricane winds rock Britain
12-Jan-76 Author Agatha Christie dies
23-Jan-76 Singer and racial equality campaigner Paul Robeson dies
3-Feb-76 George Thomas becomes speaker of UK House of Commons
4-Feb-76 Guatemala earthquake kills 12,000
18-Feb-76 Race Relations bill in UK comes into force
20-Feb-76 Muhammad Ali beats Jean Pierre Coopman and holds on to Boxing title
16-Mar-76 Prime Minister Harold Wilson resigns
26-Mar-76 Argentine President Isabel de Peron is overthrown
3-Apr-76 Rag Trade wins Grand National
5-Apr-76 James Callaghan becomes new UK Prime Minister
5-Apr-76 Billionaire Howard Hughes dies
30-Apr-76 Muhammad Ali holds onto box title after defeating Jimmy Young
10-May-76 UK Liberal Party leader Jeremy Thorpe resigns after gay allegations
24-May-76 Muhammad Ali beats UK boxer Richard Dunn in title fight
6-Jun-76 Billionaire J Paul Getty dies
19-Jun-76 Violence flares in South Africa
26-Jun-76 London records record temperature of 95 degrees as Britain swelters in heatwave
28-Jun-76 Seychelles gain independence
3-Jul-76 Bjorn Borg and Chris Evert are this years’ Wimbledon tennis champions
4-Apr-76 Massive 200th birthday celebrations as USA celebrates bi-centenial
8-Jul-76 9,000 die in New Guinea earthquake
17-Jul-76 Montreal Olympic Games open
20-Jul-76 Spacecraft Viking 1 lands on Mars
17-Aug-76 8,000 die in Philippines earthquake
3-Sep-76 A 60 hour riot in Hull Prison ends after £1million damage is caused
18-Sep-76 Chairman Mao dies
10-Sep-76 177 die after two planes collide over Yugoslavia
28-Sep-76 Muhammad Ali holds onto boxing title after defeating Ken Norton
1-Oct-76 2,500 die in Mexican hurricane
23-Oct-76 Chairman Mao’s widow jailed for plotting coup
2-Nov-76 Jimmy Carter elected US President
24-Nov-76 3,000 die in Turkish earthquake
20-Jan-77 Jimmy Carter sworn in as US President
25-Jan-77 250 US hostages held by Uganda
1-Mar-77 US hostages freed by Uganda
21-Mar-77 Indira Gandhi resigns as Indian Premier
26-Mar-77 Moraji Desai becomes new Indian Premier
28-Mar-77 574 die as US and Dutch jets collide at Los Rodeos airport in Tenerrife, the world’s worst air disaster to date
23-Apr-77 North Sea oil rig suffers blow out. Over 7 million gallons of oil leaks into North Sea
5-May-77 Conservative Party gains control of Greater London Council
10-May-77 Actress Joan Crawford dies
15-May-77 Liverpool become football League champions for tenth time
16-May-77 Muhammad Ali retains boxing title after beating Alfredo Evangelista
18-May-77 Menachem Begin becames Israel Premier
21-May-77 Manchester United beat Liverpool 2-1 in FA Cup final
28-May-77 160 die in Kentucky night club fire
1-Jun-77 UK Derby winner Minstrel is ridden by Lester Piggot, making this Piggot’s 8th Derby victory
5-Jun-77 Britain celebrates Queen Elizabeth’s Silver Jubilee
2-Jul-77 Bjorn Borg and Virginnia Wade become Wimbledon Tennis Champions
5-Jul-77 Army seize power in Pakistan
14-Jul-77 3,300 people arrested for looting during power cut and blackout in New York
20-Jul-77 Report to UK government suggests separating GPO postal and telephone services
27-Jul-77 Bush fire destroys over 180 homes in Santa Barbara
3-Aug-77 Cyprus’ Archbishop Makarios dies
10-Aug-77 Queen visits Northern Ireland after gap of 11 years
11-Aug-77 Cricketer Geoffrey Boycott scores his 100th hundred in match against Australia
16-Aug-77 Elvis Presley dies
19-Aug-77 Groucho Marx dies
23-Aug-77 Introduction of smaller size pound notes in UK
31-Aug-77 Ian Smith re-elected as Rhodesian President
12-Sep-77 South African civil rights leader Steve Biko dies
16-Sep-77 Opera star Maria Callas dies
30-Sep-77 EEC bans Soviet Union from fishing in North Sea
14-Oct-77 Bing Crosby dies
19-Oct-77 220 killed in strike riots in Ecuador
20-Oct-77 Military seize power in Thailand
8-Nov-77 Edward Koch elected Mayor of New York
9-Nov-77 60 killed during bombing raids in Beirut
20-Nov-77 Cyclone kills 10,000 in India
3-Dec-77 USA agrees to admit Vietnamese Boat People refugees
19-Dec-77 Canada cuts trade links with South Africa over apartheid
25-Dec-77 Charlie Chaplin dies
31-Dec-77 Cambodia ceases relations with Vietnam
1-Jan-78 213 die in explosion on Indian plane over Arabian sea
16-Jan-78 UK fireman return to work after strike
13-Feb-78 Anna Ford becomes first woman newsreader for UK TV news provider ITN
15-Feb-78 Leon Spinks takes Boxing title from Muhammad Ali
20-Feb-78 Blizzards hit Southern England
2-Mar-78 Charlie Chaplin’s coffin is stolen in Switzerland
19-Mar-78 Oil tanker Amoco Cadiz grounds off French coast leaking 100,000 gallons of crude oil into sea
25-Mar-78 Cambridge boat sinks during University Boat Race
31-Mar-78 Retirement of Red Rum, champion Grand National horse announced
1-Apr-78 Lucius wins UK Grand National
3-Apr-78 Woody Allen’s film Annie Hall wins 4 Oscars
19-Apr-78 Yitzhak Navon becomes new Isreal Premier
9-May-78 Leading Italian statesman Aldo Moro’s body found in car in Rome after kidnapping
16-May-78 Riots and protests build against Shah of Iran
17-May-78 Charlie Chaplin’s coffin found
18-May-78 Abortion legalised in Italy
24-May-78 Princess Margaret and Lord Snowden divorce
27-May-78 Princess Caroline of Monaco married Phillipe Junot
14-Jun-78 Vote of confidence narrowly won for UK government
21-Jun-78 Rice and Lloyd-Webber musical Evita opens in London
25-Jun-78 Argentina football team win World Cup, beating Netherlands 3-1
7-Jul-78 Solomon Islands gain independence
8-Jul-78 Bjorn Borg and Martina Navratilova become Wimbledon tennis champions
8-Jul-78 Allesandro Pertini becomes Italian President
10-Jul-78 Military seize power in Mauritania
11-Jul-78 200 killed when truck carrying liquid gas explodes on campsite in Spain
21-Jul-78 Unions reject UK government limit of 5% on pay rises
25-Jul-78 Louise Brown, world’s first test tube baby is born
6-Aug-78 Pope Paul VI dies
19-Aug-78 3 US men become first to make transatlantic balloon crossing
26-Aug-78 John Paul I announced as new Pope
8-Sep-78 Martial law in Iran leads to death of 2,000 during protests
16-Sep-78 25,000 killed in Iranian earthquake
17-Sep-78 Muhammad Ali wins back Boxing title from Leon Spinks
30-Sep-78 Pope John Paul I dies after just one month as Pope
6-Oct-78 France grants refuge to Ayatollah Khomeini
13-Oct-78 Sex Pistols member Sid Vicious charged with murder of girfriend in New York hotel
17-Oct-78 Polish born Pope John Paul II becomes Pope
4-Nov-78 Bakers strike in the UK leads to panic buying of bread
26-Nov-78 900 followers of Rev Jim Jones commit suicide in Guyana
8-Dec-78 Golda Meir, Israel’s first woman Prime Minister dies
10-Dec-78 Israel’s Prime Minister Begin and Egypt’s President Sadat win Nobel Peace Prize
11-Dec-78 Millions march in Tehran against Shah
15-Dec-78 US announces that relations with China will recommence on New Year’s Day 1979
5-Jan-79 Death of Charlie Mingus, jazz musician
16-Jan-79 Shah leaves Iran
20-Jan-79 Ayatollah Khomeini announces his intention to return to Iran
31-Jan-79 UK government resists declaring state of emergency due to widespread strikes.  Hospitals affected and rubbish piles up in the streets as public service workers dispute takes hold
1-Feb-79 Millions greet Ayatollah Khomeini as he returns to Iran after exile
2-Feb-79 Sid Vicious, awaiting trial for Girlfriend’s murder found dead from overdose
7-Feb-79 Floods in Brazil leave 200 dead and over 200,000 homeless
8-Feb-79 USA ceases ties with Nicaragua
14-Feb-79 Army attacks US embassy in Iran
17-Mar-79 Nottingham Forrest beat Southampton 3-2 in League Cup final
26-Mar-79 Israel and Eqypt sign peace treaty
28-Mar-79 UK Labour Government loses in no confidence vote
28-Mar-79 Accident at Pennsylvania’s Three Mile Island nuclear plant releases radiation
29-Mar-79 President Idi Amin flees Uganda
30-Mar-79 Airey Neave MP killed by car bomb as he enters House Of Commons grounds
2-Apr-79 Prime Minister Begin becomes first Isreali Premier to visit Egypt
3-May-79 Conservative Margaret Thatcher wins UK general election making her first woman Prime Minister
12-May-79 Arsenal beat Manchester United 3-2 in FA Cup Final
22-May-79 Elton John gives successful concert in Leningrad
25-May-79 273 die in Chicago air crash
29-May-79 Actress Mary Pickford dies
31-May-79 New government takes power in Rhodesia
11-Jun-79 Actor John Wayne dies
18-Jun-79 Soviet President Breshnev and US President Carter sign Salt II arms limitation treaty
26-Jun-79 Muhammad Ali announces retirement
5-Jul-79 Isle of Man celebrates 1,000 years of Manz parliament
7-Jul-79 Bjorn Borg and Martina Navratilova become Wimbledon tennis champions
17-Jul-79 General Somoza overthrown in Nicaragua
14-Aug-79 18 die after storm during yaucht race
27-Aug-79 Lord Mountbatten killed by bomb placed on his boat
29-Aug-79 Vatican announce that Pope will not visit Northern Ireland due to violence on his planned tour next month
2-Sep-79 400 die in Domician Republic earthquake
29-Sep-79 Pope addresses crowd of 2 million in Southern Ireland
28-Oct-79 New Zealand plane crash in Antarctica kills 257
4-Nov-79 Iranian students seize US embassy in Iran and hold 49 hostage
10-Dec-79 Mother Theresa wins Nobel peace prize
31-Dec-79 US and UK goverments criticise Soviet Union for intervention in Afghanistan