The 1980s: A Decade Still Among Us


Take a Chill Pill, the ’80s are here to stay

Why does there continue to be a fascination with the 1980s? Just recently, Delta Airlines created an in-flight safety video based on the stubborn decade. Everywhere we turn, we see flashes of those colourful times and it doesn’t seem to be slowing down. Icons from the ’80s keep popping up all over the place as seen in a new commercial by RadioShack. Soundtracks are filled with ’80s hits and the movie-remake machine is running at full power.

So 1980s, what’s your damage? Why do you insist on hanging around? One popular theory is that the children of the ’80s are now old enough to be in powerful positions and they are feeling a little nostalgic. That being said, if the 1980s were just your ordinary, run-of-the-mill decade, these strong sentiments would not exist. The decade made its mark and continues to do so with its originality and charm.

Like it or not, this iconic period in time is still very much alive, even in spoof-like form such as seen in this hilarious Instagram commercial. We are constantly reminded of its colour, flair and imaginativeness through all forms of media.

At this point, if you are still not sold on ’80s mania, your best course of action is acceptance. Denial is also an option, but not nearly as much fun.


80s Time Travel: 7 suggestions to help you get there:

1 – Sit back and listen to “Substance” by New Order on vinyl or CD. Don’t play it on your iPod or you will be defeating the purpose. For an added bonus, drink a wine cooler while the melodic beats force you to get up and dance.

2 – Flip up the collar on your polo shirt and if you are feeling courageous, insert shoulder pads. You might look ridiculous, but this is your statement—wear it proudly.

3 – Watch Sixteen Candles and The Breakfast Club back-to-back. If you wanted to try and capture or relive the prototypical 1980s vibe, these two films are the perfect place to start.

4 – Check out this Atari Pitfall video simulation or if you want a more interactive experience, play the Ghostbusters game at Bet Fair. Note: If you are not a child from the ’80s, please disregard the Pitfall suggestion. It will not make you feel nostalgic at all and you will only frown upon the technology—we’ve come a long way in video games.

5 – Big Hair Recipe: Place a dab of mousse in the palm of your hand and massage it through your hair. Repeat the process several times until you run out of hair product. You are now ready for a night out on the town—’80s style.

6 – Sign up for the Jane Fonda Workout. Richard Simmons wasn’t the only fitness guru. Jane had everyone working out in hopes of acquiring a killer ’80s bod.

7 – Read Stephen King’s horror novel, “It.” The novel was published in 1986 and is considered his second best scary book by Goodreads. If you happen to be curious about his top-rated novel, “The Stand” is listed as number one, but it was first published in 1978, so it doesn’t qualify for this list.

IT cover

Whether you choose to experience the ’80s by putting on a New Order vinyl, playing the Ghostbusters online game, watching a John Hughes movie marathon, or wearing Miami Vice inspired styles, your tribute will be like, totally tubular.

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