Curly Perms

Oh dear. In 1978, just as hair was getting shorter, punk/new wave fashion had taken over from the baggy trousers with 8 inch waistbands and platform shoes were back on Do Not Bring Out Until The Mid 90s shelf, the Anonymous Saint Of Glam inflicted it’s last joke on the world – curly perms for blokes !

Of course, curly hair looked great on those with natural curly hair, but what were some of us thinking of, eh ?

They were quite controversial at the time, but soon the hardest guys from the hardest inner cities of Yorkshire would soon be off to the barbers shop for a perm before nipping along to the Batley Variety Club to boogie to the Bee Gees.

The strangest thing associated by this short lived craze is that NOBODY will admit to having had a curly perm, apart from England football manager Kevin Keegan who’s perm was in place on his venture into pop music in the late 70s with Head Over Heels… is well documented.