Coloured Vinyl

1978 was a good or bad year for record collectors depending on how you viewed it ! No more boring black vinyl singles in plain white covers. Surely any single released this year wasn’t even worth listening to if it wasn’t on COLOURED VINYL !

The first specimen in my collection was a clear vinyl version of Foreigner’s Cold As Ice – clear, just like ice..geddit ? I also remember buying The Dickies version of the theme to the popular 70’s children’s TV show Banana Splits in yellow. Not sure what happened to Cold As Ice, but I hesitate to say that The Dickies effort was eventally melted down to use as a plant pot !

Ones I missed included Alan Price’s Just For You , in bright red and heart shaped and It Take’s Two To Tango by Richard Myhill, black but square – the hi-fi buffs who slept with their turntables had a hard time in 1978 !

Then coloured vinyl ceased to be fashionable and purist record collectors who just had to collect every version of the same single would have to wait some five or six years for the arrival of Frankie Goes To Hollywood to relieve their frustration.